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Horizontal flow air flotation sedimentation machine


Horizontal Flow Air Flotation Sedimentation Machine







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    • Commodity name: Horizontal flow air flotation sedimentation machine

    The air flotation sedimentation integrated machine, also known as the air flotation filtration integrated machine, is mainly suitable for treating various types of wastewater with a floc density close to that of water after reaction.

    Working Principle

    The main treatment process of the air flotation sedimentation integrated machine adopts physical and chemical methods. Traditional mature processes such as chemical flotation and filtration adsorption are organically combined and designed. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable process, wide adaptability, compact structure, convenient transportation and installation, simple operation, and stable and reliable performance. It has a good effect on oil-water separation and the removal of suspended solids, COD, and BOD. Generally, wastewater can meet the discharge standards after treatment.

    Main Parts Introduction


  • The entire device of the air flotation sedimentation integrated machine consists of a sewage pump, a metering device, a dosing box, a reaction tank, an air flotation tank, an air flotation system, a sand filter, an activated carbon adsorption column, and an electric control system. It is combined on the same base with a capacity of less than 10t/h, and assembled as a whole from loose parts to the site for convenient transportation with a capacity of more than 10t/h. When the entire device is adjusted to normal operation, it can basically be in automatic operation, making operation convenient.

  • It is widely used in industries such as machinery, chemical industry, light textile, transportation, food, etc. It is especially suitable for the treatment of oilfield drilling wastewater, oilfield reinjection water, and refinery wastewater.