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What are the precautions for purchasing sewage treatment equipment

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2023-04-25 15:23

Usually, there are two types of materials used in buried sewage treatment equipment: fiberglass and carbon steel. When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to inquire with the supplier about the materials used. When the process and other conditions are the same, the prices of materials will vary greatly. Go to the supplier case site to observe the effect.
Speaking with facts, no matter how the supplier who provides you with the equipment introduces the superior performance of the equipment, you should ask the supplier to provide previous successful cases and then send someone to inspect the on-site sewage treatment effect. Although it may delay some time, this is indeed crucial. Agree on the execution standards for effluent.
Many units do not specify the sewage treatment standards in the contract when purchasing buried sewage treatment equipment, which may lead to disputes if environmental protection requirements are raised in the later stage. Due to different levels of treatment, the cost of sewage treatment can vary greatly.

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