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Setting of aeration tank for domestic sewage treatment equipment

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2023-04-25 15:23

The achievements of domestic sewage treatment equipment in protecting the environment and creating a garden city are obvious to all, and all of these are due to the reasonable design of its aeration tank. So what is the setting of the aeration tank for domestic sewage treatment equipment?
1. The aeration tank (CASS tank) is divided into two compartments, called the front and rear sections, which are equipped with five self priming submersible aerators and one floating decanter. The entire process is controlled by PLC without the need for manual control.
2. Two sewage lifting pumps are installed in the middle water tank, which are lifted to mechanical filters for reclaimed water reuse, while the rest is discharged up to standard.
3. The reclaimed water tank stores reclaimed water for watering and greening purposes. Two intermediate water pumps are installed inside, with variable frequency control. A filter backwash pump is used for backwashing of mechanical filters, manually controlled.

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