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Middle Capacity Garbage Incinerator for Industrial Waste 150/300kg/Batch


Middle Capacity Refuse Incinerator







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    • Commodity name: Middle Capacity Garbage Incinerator for Industrial Waste 150/300kg/Batch

    What is the incinerator?

    Incinerator is  also called incineration furance.It is an environmentally friendly device that incinerates waste gas, liquid waste, solid waste fuels, medical waste, household waste, animal carcasses, etc. at high temperatures, achieving quantitative reduction or reduction. At the same time, it is a product that utilizes the thermal energy of some incineration media.

    The garbage incinerator is a garbage incineration treatment equipment with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company .This equipment has the characteristics of small size, high incineration efficiency, reasonable process, leading technology, and high degree of harmless treatment. It is an ideal waste treatment equipment for various hospitals, hotels, stations, large commercial institutions, enterprises, and public institutions.


  •  The combustion chamber of the furnace body is made of vertical, carbon steel material, with an ideal degree of mixing, fuel saving, no secondary pollution, and is more durable than ordinary furnaces with a long service life.

    The furnace body is divided into two parts: the first combustion chamber and the second combustion chamber. The temperature of the first combustion chamber is between 650-900 ° C, and the temperature of the second combustion chamber is between 850-1200 ° C.

    1. Industrial waste (polymer waste): Plastic PE, PU, rubber (tire), Styrofoam, PET bottle, fiber, foam, cloth, resin, acrylic,leather, Wood flour, urea powder, melon cloth, tapes, paints, polymers and so on.
    2.  Medical waste: syringes, gloves, straps, gauze, blood vessels, organs and other infectious waste.
    3.  General garbage: cardboard, paper scraps, sawdust, leaves and so on.4. Special waste: waste oil, waste solvents, sludge, ash dust, iron paint, mold filter residue and so on.