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What are the specific methods for treating hospital sewage?

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2023-04-25 15:23

What are the treatment methods for hospital sewage treatment equipment? Hospital sewage treatment equipment is also a commonly used sewage treatment equipment, which is essential in daily hospital management. However, many people are not familiar with hospital sewage treatment equipment. Next, the editor of Qianmai Environmental Protection will talk about the methods of treating sewage with hospital sewage treatment equipment.
According to the principle of action:
【1】 Physical method: Use physical methods to separate suspended pollutants in sewage. The methods include: screening, sedimentation, air flotation, etc.
【2】 Chemical method: The use of chemical reactions to separate or recover pollutants in various conditions in sewage. The methods include neutralization, electrolysis, extraction, etc.
Handling method:
Biological method: Using microbial metabolism to convert dissolved and colloidal organic pollutants in wastewater into stable and harmless substances. The methods include:
1. Aerobic biological treatment: suitable for treating urban sewage and industrial wastewater with high organic content: activated sludge method; Biofilm method; Biological contact oxidation method.
2. Anaerobic biological treatment: The use of anaerobic microorganisms to convert harmful substances in water into harmless substances. This method is often used for sludge and high concentration organic wastewater generated during the sewage treatment process.
3. Physicochemical method: Some processes that use physicochemical principles to treat wastewater. Generally used for advanced treatment of sewage, the treatment day is for sewage reuse. The methods include coagulation sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, etc.

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